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Gintama: The Final (ITA)

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Gintama: The Very Final, 銀魂 THE FINAL
Status: Completed Studio: Released: 2021 Duration: 1 hr. 44 min. Type: Movie Episodes: 1 Director: , Posted by: admin Released on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Gintama: The Final (ITA)

Two years have passed following the Tendoshuu's invasion of the O-Edo Central Terminal. Since then, the Yorozuya have gone their separate ways. Foreseeing Utsuro's return, Gintoki Sakata begins surveying Earth's ley lines for traces of the other man's Altana. After an encounter with the remnants of the Tendoshuu—who continue to press on in search of immortality—Gintoki returns to Edo.

Later, the regrouped Shinsengumi and Yorozuya begin an attack on the occupied Central Terminal. With the Altana harvested by the wreckage of the Tendoshuu's ship in danger of detonating, the Yorozuya and their allies fight their enemies while the safety of Edo—and the rest of the world—hangs in the balance. Fulfilling the wishes of their teacher, Shouyou Yoshida's former students unite and relive their pasts one final time in an attempt to save their futures.

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Characters & Voice Actors

Sakata, Gintoki Main
Sugita, Tomokazu Japanese
Kagura Main
Kugimiya, Rie Japanese
Shimura, Shinpachi Main
Katsura, Kotarou Supporting
Ishida, Akira Japanese
Hijikata, Toushirou Supporting
Nakai, Kazuya Japanese
Okita, Sougo Supporting
Takasugi, Shinsuke Supporting
Koyasu, Takehito Japanese
Tsukuyo Supporting
Kaida, Yuuko Japanese
Hasegawa, Taizou Supporting
Kamui Supporting
Hino, Satoshi Japanese


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